student and academic staff member talking in the Liberty Building

Under the aegis of the Lloyd Law College Research Centre, various research projects are undertaken from time to time. Presently, the following research projects are being undertaken under the Research Cell:

1. Ragging: Problems and Challenges

The Research Centre of Lloyd Law College along with the Lloyd Law College Legal Aid Cell has undertaken an empirical study on the issue of ‘ragging’. The project titled Ragging: Problems and Challenges focus on the implementation of anti-ragging laws and the allied decisions on the subject. As a part of the project, the team plans to collect data from various academic institutions located in and around Greater Noida about the implementation and institutional compliance of the anti-ragging laws.

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2. Illegal Human Organ Trade in India: A study of the International Socio-Legal Perspective

According to a report by NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) published in the year 2005, states on an average any year there are 44000 children goes missing and out of which 11000 remain untraced.[1] In past one year in Uttar Pradesh alone 1914 children have been reported missing out of which only 1036 were traced by the police

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3. Rights’ Sensitisation: An Analysis of Rights’ Awareness of School Children in Delhi NCR

The question of the safety and security of school children in India has been at the forefront of the minds of guardians and educational personnel alike. While children form the greatest asset of a nation, their lack of awareness about their rights, resources and safety measures make them an easy target for emotional and physical abuse, leading to the perpetuation of toxic gender attitudes and roles that lead to crimes against women.

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