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Dr. Kavitha Chalakkal
Asst. Director (Research Cell),
Faculty Advisor, Center of International Legal Studies & ILSA Chapter Lloyd Law College
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)
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Dr Chalakkal received her PhD (2014) in International Environmental Law from the Centre for International Legal Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her research was on International Legal Framework for Conservation of Wild Animals with SpecialReference to Migratory Species. Dr Chalakkalhad completed her L.L.M. in Intellectual Property Laws and Environmental Laws in 2006 from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala and M.Phil.

in InternationalLaw in 2008 from Centre for International Legal Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She received her bachelor's degree (L.L.B.) from Kerala University in 2003. Before starting her career in academics, Dr Chalakkal worked with various non-government organizations, including the Wildlife Trust of India, a leading Indian wildlife conservation organization, as the Officer in Charge (2013-14) of its Enforcement and Law Division.

She had also worked with Namati, a Washington based NGO and Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. Dr Chalakkal is also a visiting faculty at Indian Society for International Law, New Delhi. She was also the recipient of Fox Foundation Research Fellowship to the Yale University, USA, during 2009-10. Dr Chalakkal’s research interests are Public International Law, International Trade Law, Intellectual Property law and Environmental Law

Public International Law

International Trade Law

Intellectual Property Law

Environmental Law

Corporate Law

  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2016), Case Comment on South China Sea Arbitration Award, Amity LawReview, Amity Law School, Delhi;
  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2016), Case review of India – Certain Measures Relating to Solar Cells andSolar Modules (WT/DS/456), Journal of Law and Public Policy, NLSUI: Bangalore;
  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2016), “Forest Dwellers Rights over Natural Resources”, in Gupta Pallavi(Ed) Law and Society: Social Change of Marginalised Sections of Society, Regal Publishers, Delhi,India;
  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2016), “International Institutions for Conservation of Biodiversity”, inSehgal, B.P.S (ed) The International Conference on Public International Law’,Delhi: Universal Publishers, Lexis Nexis India.
  • Mona Sharma and Kavitha Chalakkal (2015), “Changing the Electoral System from Inside out:Building as Case for Intra Party Democracy” in the Proceedings of the National Conference onElectoral reforms in India: Prospects and Challenges, Satyam Publishers, Delhi;
  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2009), “Changing Scenario of patent Protection for PharmaceuticalProducts – Implications for the Consumer”, Common Cause Journal; April – June 2009;
  • Kavitha Chalakkal (2006), “Strengthening Inland Water Laws of Kerala”, Strengthening WaterLaws in Kerala, 2006 Workshop, the Government of Kerala and School of Legal Studies.(Published by Government of Kerala).

Kavitha Chalakkal (2017), “Emerging Perspectives in Access to Knowledge in the IPR system andEnvironmental Sustainability”, in National Seminar on Intellectul Property Rights and Its Implementations, Jaganath University, Haryana, 11 November 2017;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2017) “Access to justice under international law with respect to claims against environmentalcrimes of transnational corporations: A Study in the Context of Bhopal Disaster” in Amity International Conference on Legal Dimensions of Environment, Amity University, Gudgaon, 27-28 October 2017;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2016) “Trade Facilitation Agreement and Emerging Challenges forDeveloping Countries’ Agriculture Sector”, in 45th Annual Conference of Indian Society ofInternational Law, ISIL, New Delhi, 7-8 May 2016;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2016) “Role of Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals inConservation of Biodiversity in India in 3rd International Conference on Conservation ofBiodiversity and Sustainable Energy: Law and Practice”, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University,New Delhi, India; 12-14 February, 2016;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2016), “Sanctions under the United Nations: Is there a need for Reforms?”at the International Conference on UN@70, Amity Law School II, Amity University and theIndian Society for International Law, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India; 4-5 February 2016;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2015), “Access to Medicine in the Context of Flexibilities under TRIPS andIndian Patent Act” at the National Conference on Public Health Medicines and Law: GrowingConcerns and Challenges, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies and All India LawTeachers Congress, VIPS, New Delhi, India; 11-12 December 2015;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2015), “Innovation and Access to Knowledge within the Global IPR system:Emerging Perspectives in an Indian Context” at the National Conference on the Evolvingregime of Intellectual Property Protection, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Health EconomicsAssociation and Third World Network, New Delhi, India; 2-4 November 2015;

Kavitha Chalakkal (2015), “Implications of Trade Facilitation Agreement on DevelopingCountries Agriculture and Implementation of SDG’s” at the Second International Conference onInternational Law Perspectives on Sustainable Development Goals, Amity Law School Delhi, 9October, 2015;

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