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Best Law College in Delhi NCR, Noida and Greater Noida

23 ,December 2019

When it comes to law colleges in the Delhi region, the list is a long one. Being the indigenous hub for plethora of fields. It’s the national capital, ‘Dill wallo ki Dilli’, not many states in India can boast of having such diversity and imparting an ocean of opportunities. There is a lot of hustle and tussle in this city and as Charles Darwin once said that only the fittest are meant to survive. There are many law colleges in this region up against each other, most of them in their nascent phase. Every year universities come up with a handful of new law colleges with the passive motive of just minting more and more money. The rising superstar amidst this rat race is Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. Everything has its own blacks and whites, and this institution outshines the cons of others and has superior pros than the other colleges.

Features of a nice law college and how competent is Lloyd on these grounds
  • Descent location:

Law school has its salient academic demands which require peace of mind and focus. Quality results in reading, researching and drafting are unattainable in tumultuous surroundings. As the famous environmentalist Rachel Carson once said “Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”. Lloyd being located in the lush green area of Greater Noida, in a serene surrounding. It is well connected via public transport (metro, U.P state buses), private transport services (auto rickshaws, e-rickshaws, bike-taxis), available round the clock. Proximity to key workplaces being of prime importance, the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court being just an hour away, which is the day-to-day travel time of any Delhiite oreven lesser.

  • Worth the fees:

Most of the other private law college in this region or even throughout the state cost you a fortune just in term of the academic fees, set aside the overhauling expenses. What the institution provides in return to the students is much inferior than what Lloyd charges in terms of its fees. The returns from the college are myriad, Lloyd provides Book Bank service to all its students, Supreme Court Cases Online, Hein Online. Very few institutions across the nation can boast of such noteworthy features. The college organizes two academic field visits for all its students to Foreign Embassies, museums, Historical sites, The Parliament, All tiers of courts.

  • Internships and placements:

Even the best law colleges cannot guarantee you internship opportunities and even placement for that matter. Lloyd has been successfully organizing job fests projecting out myriad opportunities for its students, inviting reputed companies like Paytm, Coca Cola, Big Basket to name a few. Within your law school years itself, you shall network and will be having plethora of opportunities in your hands, you will have a choice to make.

  • Through the times:

Colleges do not necessarily have to be ancient, but should definitely have passed their nascent stage. Lloyd has successfully finished its sixteen years and it has not ceased growing. It has come a long way. Lloyd possesses qualities even the national law universities don’t hone.

  • Lloyd Vs National Law Universities:

There is a lot of red tapism and struggle in the NLUs. People might argue that it comprises the best bunch of students from across the country, but what people don’t see that there are a lot of undeserving candidates there as well there who are there on reserved seats. Lloyd on the other hand functions in an eco-friendly manner with everything being paperless, online, thus completely avoiding red tapism. Lloyd is always up to date when it comes to adopting new methods of teaching and keeps up with the latest trends unlike other ancient colleges which prefer working with their troglodytic methods.

  • Experienced Faculty:

Lloyd treasures few of the most experiences faculty members. Professors from reputed institutions like Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University, Lady Shree Ram College of Commerce, Faculty of law Jamia Millia Islamia to name a few. Their varied teaching methods, accompanied with modern teaching methods like slides and videos makes the learning process very legible. Lloyd has been mentored by veterans of the field like, the legal legend Prof. N.R Madhava Menon, Former CJI Deepak Mishra. The contemporary Director Dr. Mohammad Salim has been working as a revolutionary leader, transforming the legal system and adapting rapidly.
Thus, guided by its veteran mentors and its mutinous measures has outshined the competition even in the tough atmosphere of the national capital region. Lloyd has Successfully managed to hover on its own merit. Thus, these features separate Lloyd from most of the colleges and autonomously invite students to join it and be a part of this extra-ordinary institution.

Aryan Kashyap
B.A..L.L.B Semester-1