Amit Shrivastva

Absar Aftab Absar


B.A.LL.B (Hons.) (A.M.U.), LL.M. (SLS, Pune), Ph.D. (Submitted) (A.M.U.)


Absar Aftab Absar is an Assistant Professor at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. He has completed his B.A.LL. B (Hons.) from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and LLM from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. He is pursuing PhD also from Aligarh Muslim University. He has a specialization in criminal laws and special interest in the Restorative justice theory. The topics of his LL.M. Dissertation was “ Rape Laws of India and Saudi Arabia – A Comparative Analysis” and his Ph.D. Thesis is “ Doctrines of Plea Bargaining and Diyya – Islamic and Restorative Perspectives” are in a way unique as on both of them there has not been an extensive research and credit goes to Absar for carrying out an authentic first hand study of both the topics. Apart from this, he has an extensive research on the plea bargaining(a criminal law model of solving cases akin to restorative justice) in various countries especially the United States which is considered a pioneer in the same and Restorative Justice Theory. He has authored various articles the titles of some of those are “Plea Bargaining in India – An Appraisal”, “Restorative Justice in Islam with special reference to the concept of Diyya”, “ Plea Bargaining and its status of implementation in India”, “ Islamic Criminal Justice System and the Concept of Equity” amongst others. He has a distinction of getting his one of the article published in the highly acclaimed SAGE Publications and one more article has been submitted for consideration for publication. He is currently engaged with Criminology and Law and Media which are one of the most demanding subjects of today’s era. Recently, he has been elevated to head a Center of Criminology, recently formed in the College. He believes in interactive style of teaching and deploys various teaching aids to make the classroom more interesting and which keeps the students engaged.


Absar believes in researching on new dimensions of Criminal Law and considers it important as no society is free of Crime, but crime if met effectively with a swift and certain Penal procedure can considerable be curtailed. He has through his research added a new dimension to the Indian Penal Policy by effectively comparing it with Restorative Justice Theory which has gained momentum in the contemporary Era. Absar has also researched on the Islamic Criminal Laws and has compared it with some aspects of the Indian Law as well as laws of other progressive nations. His vision is to provide a blueprint of an effective criminal justice system where the punishment would be swift and certain and keeping in mind the utmost interests of victims of crime.


Since February 2019 working as Assistant Professor in Lloyd Law College, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida - 201306 (U. P.), India. Subject taught to B.A.LL.B (Honours) students during the Academic Session 2019 - 2020 & 2020 - 2021 included Law and Media and Criminology and Penology. Law and Media was a new course for the applicant, who accepted the challenge of teaching this subject. The study material was readily available in the form of both the print media and the electronic media. The classes on both subjects were mostly interactivity and students, in general, showed interest in classes. Teaching these papers was really a good and satisfying experience for the applicant. Students, in general, expressed contentment on the way the course was taken up and this was reflected by 95% of the students passing the course in good grades.

The applicant did not get an opportunity for supervision of post-graduate students as the college he has been teaching at takes up only B.A.LL.B (Honours) and LL.B (Honours) course. Personally, the applicant is interested in the Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law, Criminology, Constitutional Law and Law of Tort.


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  • Absar A.A., Hassan Zafrul (2018): Plea Bargaining in India – A decade of existence, Journal of Legal Studies & Research, Volume 4 Issue 6, December 2018, The Law Brigade (Publishing) Group, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, ISSN: 2455-2437.
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  • Absar A.A. (2020): Female Foeticide – An Islamic Perspective, Volume I Issue IV of Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change, ISSN: 2582-5216.
  • Absar A. A. (2020): Plea Bargaining in India - Comparison with other plea bargaining models and means to make it more effective, submitted for consideration for publication to Journal of National Law University Delhi, SAGE Journals. (Submitted for consideration for publication)
  • Absar A. A. (2020): An insight into the status of Plea Bargaining in India in the light of Judicial Pronouncements, submitted for consideration for publication to, CUKLR Vol. (I), 2020, Central University Of Kashmir. (Submitted for consideration for publication)

International & National Seminars/Conferences

  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Female Foeticide: An Islamic Perspective” in National Seminar on Personal Laws in India: Conflicts and Resolutions, Faculty of Law, AMU, Aligarh, in 2015
  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Islamic laws on crimes against women and their application in inculcating and preserving moral values” in Research Scholars Seminar on ‘Higher Education and Moral Values’ organised by the Faculty of Theology, AMU, Aligarh, in 2015
  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Islamic Criminal Justice System and the Concept of Equity” in National Seminar on ‘Human values in World Religions’, organised by the Faculty of Theology, AMU, Aligarh in 2016
  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Plea Bargaining and its applicability in Indian System” in National Seminar on ‘Indian Criminal Justice System: Emerging Dimensions’ organised by the Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow in 2016
  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Concept of Plea Bargaining and Status of its implementation in India’ in International Conference on ‘Crime and Investigation: Emerging Issues and Challenges in Criminal Justice Administration’ organised by the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law, Galgotias University in 2017
  • Participated and Presented paper titled “Restorative Justice in Islam with special reference to the Concept of Diyya” in National Seminar on Restorative Justice jointly organised by the Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and SGT University, Gurugram in 2017.

Workshops, Faculty Development Programs & Training Programs

  • The applicant has recently organised a ‘Round Table Discussion on Criminal Law Reforms 2019’, chaired by the Senior Supreme Court Advocate, Mr R. Venkataramani. Several suggestions were provided by people belonging to various fields of law.
  • Judged the Impromptu Moot Court Competition, organised by the Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, UP, India, in 2020
  • Nominated Faculty Coordinator in Lloyd Job Festival, 2019
  • Coordinated the “Online Certificate Course on Sports Law and Practice, 2020” organised by Lloyd Law College.
  • Judged the National Essay Writing Competition, 2020 on the topic "Quarantine Diaries: Pen down in Lockdown’
  • Participated in Client Counselling Competition organised by Amity Law School, Lucknow, in 2015
  • Attended the proceedings of Lok Adalats (Peoples Courts specially set up for speedy disposal of petty cases dealing with minor offences) in Aligarh District Court during LLB.
  • Completed 3 weeks Internship under Supreme Court Advocate, Dr. Saif Mahmood, in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India during the Academic Session 2012 – 2013
  • Completed two weeks Internship in Pune District and Sessions Court under Advocate Mr Ashok Shankar Jadhav as part of the curriculum requirements of the degree of LLM in 2014
  • Attended English and Personality Development Course organised by ELTIS (English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis), Pune during the Academic Session 2013 – 2014.
  • Attended a three-day workshop on Disaster Management as part of the LLM curriculum in Symbiosis Law School, Pune.
  • Attended Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon Workshop on Teaching Techniques and Research For Young Law Teachers and research Scholars, November 6 to 12, 2019, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Attended the Multidisciplinary Faculty Development Program On Research Methodology: Fundamentals, Trends and Developments, Amity Law School, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Participated in one week online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Research Methodologies in Legal Studies” from 03 -09 November 2020, by Glocal Law School, Glocal University, Saharanpur, U.P. India.