Mohammad Tabrej Alam

Mohammad Tabrej Alam


Ph.D. (Pursing) in the field of - “Issues Related to Prevalence of Polygamy among Indian Muslims: A Socio-Legal Study” from MMDU AMBALA, LL.M. (Family Law) Amity University, B.A.LL.B. (CCSU),


Mohammad Tabrej Alam is an Assistant Professor of law at LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. He is an active alumnus of Amity University Noida and Lloyd law College. He has completed his B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) And Masters in Family Law. He has been the University topper (Amity University Noida) in LLM with the score of 9.25 SGPA and a Silver Medalist in B.A.LL.B., (Hons.) Currently pursuing Ph.D. from MMDU Ambala. He is a passionate individual who wants to be an inseparable part of education. Mr. Alam is an experienced professional with 8+ years in Litigation “Criminal & Family matters” and 3+ years in Teaching. Apart from these, he actively looks into the organization of Moot Courts Competitions, Placement Cell, etc. representing the college globally.


Mr. Alam focus on effectively engaging student and ensuring the learning. He help the student learn how to combat the negative feelings and stereotypes that plague our society. Rather, empowering them to see that they have the ability to be a great generation. His responsibility is to ensure that his students get the best education he can provide taping into the resources of his school and the broader community so that they can succeed in whatever area they choose. He helps the students in obtaining the necessary skills to be successful in every aspects of their life.


Mr. Alam began his career as a lawyer in 2011. He worked in the shade of Advocate Tasneem Ahmadi, Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi (2011-13). He assisted in research of cases of civil nature and that of drafting suits, Writs, Appeals and misc. applications. His work with her was to find evidence from both the prosecution and that of the defense. Apart from that he assisted her in making bail applications, exemptions, revision and appeals doing research and finding procedural lapses and also in drafting of various complaint cases, writs and any other misc. applications.

In the year 2013 he started his self-journey of practice in District Courts of Delhi and High Court of Delhi, Chamber No 654, lawyers Block, Saket, District Court. His journey of practice continued till 2018 wherein he dealt with Family matters (Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody), Criminal and Bail Matters.

In 2019 he stepped in the world of Education as an Assistant Professor (Law) at B.S Anangpuria Education Institute (Under the Affiliation of Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak) Faridabad. He dealt with Competition law, Insurance law, Foreign Trade law, Criminology and Victimology, Land law, Taxation law, Constitution law, RTI Law. He also worked as a Faculty Moot Court Coordinator.

At present Mr. Alam is a member of Lloyd Law College family wherein he works as an Assistant Professor (Law). He joined Lloyd Law College in October, 2020.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Member of NAAC Team.
  • Timetable Coordinator Weekend Batch
  • Managing other Administrative miscellaneous work.
  • Mr. Alam plays an active role as an Academic Coordinator for LLB 1st year Batch and Faculty Coordinator for Sixth Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon South Asian Mooting competition, 2020-21.

Research & Publications

  • Transgender’s position in India: A critical study, NIU International Journal of Human Rights, Volume Vol. 9(1)- Jan 2022, Year 2022, Pages 169
  • Maintenance of Muslim Women in Comparison to other Personal and Secular Laws in India, Journal of Positive School Psychology, Volume Vol. 6, no. 3 , Year 2022, Pages 9852-9859.
  • Panopticism and Autopoieticism of Law and Contemporary Society through the Lenses of Jeremy Bentham, Michel Foucault and Niklas Luhmann, PANJAB UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, Volume Vol. 60 Part 1 (2021), Year 2021.

International & National Seminars/Conferences
International Symposium:

  • One weak International E Symposium on “Online modes of Teaching and learning a global perspective” 25th to 29th May organized by guru Kashi University Punjab
  • International symposium on covid-19 and beyond- The new normal in HEIs organized by J C Bose University of science and technology YMCA, Faridabad.


  • International Colloquium on” Individual rights during Covid-19” organised by ICFAI, Hyderabad
  • Webinar on “Online learning and its positive and negative impact in future generation” by International school of Management Patna.
  • O P Jindal Webinar of Environment and sustainability colloquium on the theme, “Saving the world from the next big crisis” can you be the Environmental Change makers.
  • Webinar organise by NSS-NCU on “our rights during pandemics”
  • Webinar on Global legal practitioners colloquium on the theme, “the future of litigation and court practice in India and USA”
  • Webinar on how lockdown is affecting women in toxic households
  • Web-seminar, “Strategies to reinvent the business for continuity growth pros covid-19
  • Webinar by CPJ School of law on, “Global lawyering and the corporate legal profession post Covid-19”
  • ADVIK Foundation Indian Economy Symposium webinar series on, “Need for Migrant labour policy in India”
  • All India lawyers Webinar Forum, “Domestic Violence during Lockdown and its protection”
  • Noida International University School of law and legal affairs theme: for environment today is tomorrow yesterday.
  • Webinar 2.0 on, “The Transgender Persons Protection of Right Act, 2019”
  • Webinar on, “Research skill and Mooting in Law School”
  • Webinar on, “Cyber Media in new world order” by DME, IP University.
  • Webinar: “Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court an overview” by My Legal Studio in association with Geeta Institute of law.
  • Noida International University School of law and legal affairs organised a Webinar on, “Right to Equality- A Paradigm shift”
  • "Changing Dynamics of Technology in IP - Pre and Post Pandemic Scenario" organized by ICFAI Law School, IFHE, Hyderabad.

Virtual dialogue

  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: law in the digital age and Indian legal service industry transformation.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Domestic Violence during Covid-19 Parallel pandemic.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Challenging and enforcing Domestic Arbitral Awards in India.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Land Acquisition; a critical analysis.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Arbitration during Covid-19 and Online dispute resolution in digital era
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Law in the digital Industry Transformation.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: Investment Dispute Resolution: Transparency and Confidentiality.
  • Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana virtual dialogue series theme: ‘Benchmark on becoming an able lawyer: The importance of the basic of Constitutional law’
  • Virtual session 3.0 on the topic, “India on its long way to Victim Protection Scheme” Organised by Rayat College of Law, Railmajra.

Workshops, Faculty Development Programs & Training Programs


  • 7 Days International FDP on, “Research Methodology”. Dept. of Communication Media Auxilium College, Vellore.(Certificate Pending)
  • One week FDP on ‘Research in Modern Era’ organised by J.C Bose University of Science and Technology YMCA, Faridabad.
  • Art of writing and publishing research paper organized by Dept. of Commerce and Management of Aurora’s and PG College Hyderabad.
  • 1 Week Faculty Development program by JIMs on ‘Teaching Pedagogy and Research Skills Post Covid-19’

Lecture series:

  • All India Lawyers Forum, “Advocate on Record” lecture series I-IV on 12th,15th,16th and 18th June 2020

Other Programs

  • Lymphoma Support Group of India (Legal Adviser)
  • Military Training Camp. (2018-2019)
  • Participation Kerala National Moot Court Competition (2011).
  • Cleared All India Bar Council Examination Second Edition (2012).
  • Moot Court Participation National Level, VIPS College (2010).
  • Moot Court Participation National Level, Amity Law School (2009).
  • Participation in Manupatra Essay Competition (2008).
  • International Conference on world terrorism (2009).
  • Convenor, Moot Court Society (Lloyd law College) (2008-2011).
  • Moot Court organization at NCR Level. (2009)
  • Preparing and Training of Moot Court team. (2009-2011)


  • Member, Bar Council of Delhi
  • Member, Delhi High Court Bar Association, New Delhi
  • Member, Saket Bar Association, New Delhi
  • Member, International Council of Jurists
  • Member, Lymphoma Support Group India

Awards & Honours

  • Gold Medallist in LLM (Family law) Amity University, 2019
  • Silver Medallist in B.A.LL.B., (Hons.), from Lloyd Law College. 2011
  • Regional Topper in Political Science Class 12th, Kendriya Vidyalaya Duliajan, Assam 2003
  • Winner, Moot Court Delhi NCR, Delhi University, (2008).
  • Best Researcher Award Moot Court Delhi NCR, Delhi University, (2008).
  • Awarded by International Council of Jurists (2009)