Corporate Law Practice Center (CLP)

India is a litigating country and the amount of litigation taking place in the Indian Courts each day is enormous. The legal fraternity has so much to offer to people educated in law. The diverse nature and the multiplicity in the areas of work makes it one of the most reputed and acclaimed professions across the globe. Lawyers are considered to work in private practice when they're part of a firm with two or more attorneys, or they have a solo practice. Lawyers employed in a law firm might work as partners who share the firm's profits and risks, or as associates—attorneys who have not yet reached full partnership status. Law firms also employ numerous other legal professionals, including legal secretaries and paralegals, law clerks and litigation support professionals.

Law firm professionals are charged with the onerous task of tracking pretty much every minute of their time so the firm can bill those minutes to their clients. Law firms frequently impose high monthly and yearly billable hour requirements upon partners, associates, and paralegals, making law firm employment among the most demanding of legal practice environments. Law firms are often considered notorious for requiring long work hours from their employees to raise revenues. Working in a law firm has its unique benefits and challenges, and significant differences exist between employments in a small firm versus employment in a large firm. Each has its own unique culture and work requirements.

Corporate Law Practice Center is an initiative that Lloyd Law College is coming up to develop and train students for Morden corporate world and enhance the knowledge and practical skills of corporate law and subjects related thereto. CLP is established to enhance and support students interested in joining the corporate sector of the legal fraternity. This Cell will function as an integral part of the institution. The function of CLP is envisioned at ensuring through teaching and training to provide assistance in removing the primary hurdle of getting internships with top Law Firms in India and abroad.

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Our Vision

The vision of CLP is discussion, debate, mooting, research and training of our students in Corporate Law Practice. It is also our aim to provide corporate law internships and placements to all the CLP members.


To bring academicians, professionals, legal experts, economists, regulators, judges, banking and financial law experts and students on panels for discussions as subject of Corporate Law is multidisciplinary in nature; to encourage debates amongst participants of the Center and produce academic research.

  • To train the students for the professional field, through various workshops and practical training sessions;
  • To facilitate students with opportunities for internships and placements;
  • To develop industry-institution relations;
  • To train the students to match competition both at the national and international level.

Scope of activities

1. Research: to carry out research on policy, institutional, legal and regulatory issues;

2. Training: to provide training to students for practice in law firms and companies;

3. Courses: to develop and conduct Courses for Students Education Programmes;

4. Online Blogs via micro site: To publish Blogs on recent trends and cases on corporate law;

5. Collaborations: to collaborate with other organizations/institutions/law firms/corporate houses in academic and research matters;

6. Conferences/ Panel discussions: to conduct panel discussions, roundtables, seminars and conferences;

Training Program

Law Firms across India have numerous departments catering to different areas of law. The CLP shall focus only on the below mentioned areas as of now. However, this shall be subject to alterations made and suggested by the CLP Committee and the other institutional heads of the Institute.

All the selected students will get 01 month classes on various electives of corporate law. The classes will be held regularly Monday - to - Friday 03 - 5 PM after the college starting from Monday 14 JAN. 2019. The teaching cum training program is designed to give students Knowledge & Practice of all the subjects and electives of corporate law which includes:

1. Company Law;

2. Corporate Governance;

3. Mergers & Acquisition;

4. Competition Law;

5. Intellectual Property Laws;

6. Insurance Laws;

7. Real Estate Laws;

8. Banking law including SARFAESI;

9. Investment and Security Law;

10. Financial Management Regulation (FMR);

11. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws (IBC);

12. Arbitration and Conciliation Act;

13. UNCITRAL Model Laws

14. WTO & International Trade Laws

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Online Blog Portal

Corporate Law Practice Center is an academic society of the Lloyd Law College Greater Noida. Its aim is to increase the awareness with respect to the legal field of corporate law among law students and the public at large.

It is also our aim to become the information portal in India for tracking developments in the fields of corporate law. The blog micro website will be a sincere attempt to keep you updated about the various developments in the field of corporate law in India and abroad. We hope this endeavour serves to be of immense utility to students, academicians as well as legal practitioners. We at Lloyd Law College felt the need to take the initiative to make a repertoire of information and diverse opinions on major and not so major issues, both legal and commercial.

We welcome Students contributions in the form of (i) Case review (ii) short essays (iii) information based blog posts (iv) opinion based posts. We welcome all forms of contributions that our readers could possibly like to read.

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General Rules

Who may participate: Any Student of LL.B. - Sem. II, IV, VI and B.A.LL.B. - Sem. IV, VI, VIII, X in Lloyd Law College may register. Only those students who are interested to make their career in corporate law are welcome to participate in this center.

  1. Exception: Students currently members in the LJSPC or L-TAC are not eligible to participate in the selection process of the CLP. They may if wishes can participate in next round of selection of CLP in Aug. 2019.
  2. Attendance Criteria: All Bona fide and regular students of Lloyd studying currently in B.A.LL.B. and LL.B. provided that they should have attained minimum 66% physical attendance.
  3. Mode of Registration: All registrations have to be made through the submission of the registration form which include online test. The registration form is attached along with this mail.
  4. Intake: The Cell shall work in a closed group comprises of only 50 (Fifty) students. There shall be selection of only those students who wish to join the Corporate Sector and work with Law Firms in India and abroad.
  5. Selection Criteria: Selection will be made on qualifying the 'Online test' with 50% of Excellency and 'personal/telephonic interview' that will be conducted by eminent guest faculty.

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Important Information

  1. Applicant will have to participate both in the Online Test & Personal/Telephonic Interview to be held on respective dates. Results will be declared after completion of Online Test & Interview both.
  2. Online test will be problem based open book test.
  3. Interview will be based on basics of Law of Contract and Company Law.
  4. The 01 month teaching program will commence from 15 January 2019, five days a week (MON – FRI: 03 - 05 PM).

Contact Us

For any further queries about Corporate Law Practice Center, please contact through mail

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