Lloyd Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (LADRC)

Lloyd Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (LADRC)

 I had learnt the true practice of law. I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature, and to enter men's hearts. I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties given as under. The lesson was so indelibly burnt unto me that the large part of my time, during the twenty years of my practice as a lawyer, was occupied in bringing about private compromises of hundreds of cases. I lost nothing, thereby not even money, certainly not my soul.                                  

 M.K. Gandhi

 Disputes are an unavoidable part of any relationship or organisation. However, where there is dispute there must also be a mechanism for resolution of these disputes. Disputes can be resolved either through litigation i.e. in court of law or through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism.India is a litigating country where it becomes expensive, time consuming and full of complexities. On the other hand, ADR is a system whereby disputants resolve their disputes with minimum outside help. 

Lloyd Law College has initiated to establish an ADR Centre (LADR), which shall be the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering ADR activities. This centre is coming up with the vision to develop and train students with another ways to access justice and enhance the knowledge and practical skills of ADR system and subjects related thereto. LADR will be functioned as an integral part of the institution. The function of LADR is envisioned at ensuring through teaching and training to provide assistance in removing the primary hurdle of getting internships with top Law Firms in India and abroad and participating in various national and international competitions.

The mandate of the Alternative Dispute Resolution  Board encompasses the promotion and conduction of a wide array of dispute resolution mechanisms, relevant to today’s legal scenario. These include Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Client Counselling. ADR as a real life career opportunity in India is challenging, being a relatively new field of legal dispute resolution. To kindle the gradually increasing interest among the Lloyadians and outside, this Centre will further conduct various programmes and competitions to spread awareness, incentivize and recognize talent in this nascent field.

In furtherance of our objective of facilitating a conductive environment for the advancement of interest amongst students, LADR will conduct College Selection Rounds for becoming members for LADR. However, the internal selection rounds determine students who would represent the LLC at various prestigious competitions. One of our major objectives is to promote ADR as a credible alternative in the legal system to traditional forms of litigation and its corollary simulation activities. Towards this end, we encourage current students to get acquainted with newer forms of dispute resolution, which are profoundly relevant and necessary, given today’s legal scenario. Workshops and orientations will be regularly organized for both incoming batches and external participants. Further training in ADR is imparted through the use of various seminar and credit courses on arbitration law and other similar areas.


The vision of LADR Centre is to discuss various aspects of ADR System, participating in Arbitration mooting and other ADR Competitions, research and training of our students in ADR Practice.


To bring academicians, professionals, legal experts, judges and students on panels for discussions as subject of ADR is multidisciplinary in nature; to encourage debates amongst participants of the Centre and produce academic research.

  • To create a new career-building platform for the Lloyadians.
  • To promote interest in ADR methods.
  • To aware the current relevance to the legal profession.
  • To develop basic knowledge and skills for Legal writing, National and International ADR Competitions.
  • To conduct weekly internal programs in Academic perspective and for a practical skills learning.  
  • To conduct Workshops, Conferences and Training Courses.
  • One of the essential functions of the Board, inter alia, is to conduct workshops/ training sessions/guest lectures for students of LLOYD with the help of resource persons who have experience in ADR methods.
  • To publish an ADR Journal, comprising of Research papers, Long & Short Articles, Essays, and Case Comments.

Scope of Activities:

  1. Competitions:To organise internal competitions and participate in external competitions,
  2. Research Centre:To carry out research on policy, institutional, legal and regulatory issues,
  3. Workshops & Training Courses:To provide training to students for enhancing practical knowledge and skills,
  4. Seminars, Panel Discussions & Conferences:To conduct panel discussions, roundtables, seminars and conferences,
  5. Collaborations:To collaborate with other organizations/institutions/law firms in academic and research matters,

Training Program:

LADR is going to organize two respective training programs to increase interest among all students that they will be enable to enhance their basic knowledge and skills of ADR System and take part in the first LADR internal selection rounds’2019.

General Rules:

  • Eligibility:All interested Students of LL.B. (1st –to- 3rd year) and BA.LL.B. (1st–to- 5thyear) in Lloyd Law College are welcome to register.
  • Attendance Criteria:All Bona fide and regular students of Lloyd studying currently in B.A.LL.B. and LL.B. provided that they should have attained minimum 66% physical attendance.
  • Mode of Registration:All registrations shall be made through the submission of the registration form before the deadline ends.
  • The Registration form is attached in the attached File Rules & Regulations.

Contact Us

ADR intends to assist you with all the professional trainings and exposure that we understand is required for your success. You are also welcome to suggest any pertinent topics that you think are important for your skill-growth by sending in an email to ladrc@lloydlawcollege.edu.in