Debate Society

The Lloyd Debate Society has been active since the inception of college. Lloyd has always trained students in debating. Debating, one of the key skills, developed in the initial years of B.A.LL.B. 5 Year Program, has been the focus of the teachers under whom the students learnt and polished this skill and had represented Lloyd across the country and won laurels.

Lloyd has always realized that in a modern political society, democracy and debate go together. The Debate Society at Lloyd has an Intra-Selection round. Every year with a new batch, students compete to be a part of this highly esteemed society. The students on selection are trained for conventional, Asian Parliamentary and British Parliamentary debates and through a further intra selection round represent Lloyd in competitions across India. Our students also actively participate in Model United Nations conferences.

The debate society runs on these rules: compulsory 75% class attendance, else no allotment of external competitions; training timings which are to be adhered to, Monday to Friday 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The students follow a strict discipline norm and the final permission to represent Lloyd in a competition is given by the Director and Deputy Director.

With the changing formats of debates Lloyd too updated its training and introduced Asian Parliamentary Debate training for its students three years ago. The format of Asian Parliamentary debate differs from the common culture of parliamentary debates where there are two teams and each team delivers four speeches, unlike usual parliamentary debates where three speeches are delivered. The format is a limited preparation format i.e. the topics are announced, depending on the tournament, roughly 20-25 minutes before the debate. Considering the need for expertise training Lloyd has appointed a guest trainer who masters in this art of debating.

The students have been adding feathers to Lloyd’s crown, our students have finished in finals, semi-finals and quarter finals of many competitions where the top law colleges of India are competitors. To name a few laurels in the last two years: qualified for Pre-Semi Finals in MSRIT Parliamentary Debate 2017, Quarter Finals in CNLU Parliamentary Debate 2017, Semi Finalists in International Debate Competition at Indore Institute of Law 2018, etc.

Our students are hardworking and exemplary performers. They have received special mention in most of the competitions they have been a part of. Mr. Divyansh Rai received High Commendation in Ghaziabad Diplomacy summit. Mr. Kartikey Mishra and Mr. Armaan Sadique Khan had Honourable mentions. Mr. Kartikey Mishra received Special Mention in Kirorimal Youth Parliament. Mr. Abhinav Bhardwaj received Special mention in Amity Mock Parliament. Mr. Abhinav Bhardwaj and Mr. Joji Bose were the top eight selected competitors in DSNLU World Parties Meet. Mr. Shubham Anand Jha and Mr. Shubham Manchani have special mention in Symbiosis MUN. Ms. Urvi Bhardwaj received Special Mention in Conventiional Debate at Gargi College, New Delhi.

Lloyd is proud to be nurturing its students and the students too, reciprocate in a similar manner. Not just in debates but our students have made the college proud in mooting competitions, judgment writing competitions and street play competitions too. Lloyd wishes to take forth this competitive spirit of students to a new pedestal with each passing year.