Certificate Course

Lloyd Law College offers short-term certificate courses on topics of global and national relevance. These courses are of 16-hour duration and include lectures, practical exercises and projects. Presently the College offers the following 10 Certificate courses offered by eminent legal experts:

  1. Criminology and Penology- Adv Sanjay Vashishtha
  2. Forensic Sciences: Law and Practice- Mr Tabish Saros and Ms. Madhuri Sharma      View Gallery
  3. Contract Drafting: Adv. Swapnil Verma
  4. Big Data- Mr. Abhinav Misra
  5. Global Warming: Law and Practice- Mr. Harsh Bajpai
  6. Investment and Banking Code- Mr Bhumesh Verma
  7. Merger and Acquisition- Mr. Lokesh Bulchandani
  8. Global Constitutionalism- Hon’ble Justice Peter Mohan Pereis
  9. German (Language) – Mr Asad Iqbal
  10. Energy Law- Dr Meenu Sharma