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Best subject for Law  | BA LLB Syllabus | LAW Admission

22 ,January 2020

Law is not a subject that exists in isolation. It has a vital relationship to other related subjects. Law aims to preserve the ideals of democracy, by having proper checks and balances. A student of law should have a well rounded approach to be able to tackle practical issues. For this, they have to go beyond the mere theoretical knowledge of law as a standalone discipline.

If you wish to pursue law after class 12th, you need to bear in mind that the study if law is quite a comprehensive. The focus should not be only on a few subjects. Try to develop an insight into how all the institutions of the function. Develop a habit of reading newspaper and important magazines. They are important as they inform about the contemporary debates and burning concerns.

Studying in a law school requires you to be familiar with a variety of social, political and economical issues. You need to have a holistic view of why law is important in the society. Analytical as well as interpretive skills are a must to survive a law school. The most important ability is to adapt and grasp information and technicalities promptly. The next step is to systematize the same in an inclusive manner. Finally, you need to associate the vital material to trends and the prototypes of the same.

Additionally, your research and reading skills should also be adept. For that it is important that you have interest in research based analysis. For carrying out research, it is very important to not only have the caliber but also the patience. You need to accumulate, understand and put in order the data into a meaningful argument. It is very important to have a good hold over English to understand legal concepts and decisions.

You should be able to present your case and research analyses with utmost conviction. You language needs to be clear and convincing. Legal discourse requires keen observation, sound understanding and the ability to interpret. Your argument should be logical and persuasive. Working on both, writing and speaking skills is a must for developing this skill. Law is above politics, economics, culture and the values and preferences of judges. In a law school you have to think from the perspective the opponent a well as the defendant perspective. All NLUs and top institutes like Lloyd Law College, Jindal, Symbiosis, etc have a rich mooting culture. This requires good knowledge of current affairs, history, polity, and governance. So you should try and develop interest in various subjects.

To be able study law, a law aspirant is required to clear law entrance exams. For this purpose, one should have a good base in the following subjects. These subjects form a major part of the entrance exams like CLAT are rank-deciders.


English has a decisive role in many important entrance exams, across all streams. Comprehension based questions play an important role in the entrance exams. A good rank is required to secure admission to an NLU or any other top ranking law school. So you need to develop your writing skills and work on grammar. This requires studying English as a subject seriously and attentively. Legal language is quite technical in usage. In a law school you should have the ability to learn and grasp the legal terminology and usage.


History as a subject is both informative and interactive. The manner in which the past interacts with the present is a crucial aspect of law. History coaches you to examine, think, and form rational and factual arguments. These are the chief skills required for a law student. From the exam point of view, history as subject would be of great help in tackling the static G.K. questions.

Polity/Political Science and Governance

Knowledge about polity and governance is important for a law student. Participating in debates and MUNs will really benefit you if you are a law aspirant. They will help you to develop a global perspective about geo-politics. Studying political science creates awareness of the important political events. This will enhance your knowledge for current affairs and G.K and also help to pick up your essay writing skills.


Studying economics would give a better perspective and understanding of the legal system. Economic implications affect all aspects of personal and public interactions. Big firms also appoint lawyers for legal advice for their enterprise.

Critical Thinking and Mathematical Aptitude

Logical reasoning and mathematical problems from important part of the law entrance exams. Math’s as a subject would help you in developing rational skills and assist you in your entrances.

Finally, there is no hard and fast rule for opting subjects for law. Any student from any discipline can appear for law entrance exam. The key does not lie in knowing exactly the subjects perfect for studying law in future. Opt for it as a career path only if you have the sheer dedication and interest to study law.

Ms. Sakshi Dhaulta
Assistant Professor