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Relevance Of Comparative Constitutional Law- Madhava  Menon

07 ,January 2020

Law as a career option can be a challenging one. Life of a law student is a tedious one, which involves being up to date with all the legal proceedings in the country as well as having an analytical bent of mind to process and take actions relating to it. In a way, Law is a discipline which involves theoretical as well as using the knowledge efficiently in a practical space. It is not easy, yet the challenges can give an immense rush to the aspirants. Here are some important points which we need to keep in mind when, when choosing to become a Law Student:

1) Reading: One of the most important habits which need to be kept in mind is constant reading. Some of the great luminaries and dignitaries in the field would not have been where they are if they would not have induced the art of reading as their habit. Whether it is reading up for your class, or reading for your entrance exam, always remember, the smallest of the knowledge never goes waste. An inter-disciplinary course like Law, it is helpful for the aspirants to be updated with everything that is doing rounds near them. Reading as a habit is appreciated in this field.

2) Classes are important: It is essential for the students to attend classes. As much as keeping yourself abreast with the happenings around, attending classes, taking notes and paying attention to the different cases being discussed in the class, the language, everything is important. Your notes can become a future reference to solving cases in future. Students participating actively in classes also helps, as it not only enhances the critical analysis capabilities of the students but also smoothens the learning capacity of the class. The more you ask questions, the more actively the classes become interesting and engaging. But this only happens when you read before you come for a class, and build an understanding relating to the topics.

3) Study Groups are important: Whether it is to review cases and analyse them, or it is to prepare for the upcoming law entrances, study groups help students, as people with varied understanding come together, interact over one topic and discuss the plausible answers. No matter what the level of competition is, study groups should be one where logical discussions happen, deliberations on course-material lead to the successful completion of similar academic goals.

4) Attending Workshops and Seminar Sessions in Law Schools and other places: In today’s day and age, having bookish knowledge would definitely help an aspirant in getting through the entrances with flying colours, but another mode of education is, attending workshops and Seminar session in various colleges and other spaces, where like-minded people together and discuss on various topics to seek solutions. Some workshops enhance knowledge base over various topics, hence both are important to be attended for a holistic understanding of issues and cases.

5) Practice papers, Previous Year Question Papers, their Solutions are important: Practising the Previous Year Question Papers are important, as it gives you an idea about what is the pattern of the questions which come for the exam, as well as gives you an idea about the topics covered. What is more important is to understand, that practice papers also give you an idea of time management which is very important in competitive exams.

6) Inculcate a nack for the hobby: Whether you like to read books, or watch movies, or read comics, or just play games, inculcating a knack for hobbies is really important to relieve your stress, from heavy studies, to let your mind relax a little. Divert your attention towards something which you really like doing. It can also be photography, something away from your normal study routine, which will help freshen up your mind.

7) Talk To Seniors, take help if needed: It is really important to take help when needed. Understanding that you need help, and reaching out to seniors is the first major step that a student should always take. Neither your I know everything attitude helps you, nor not knowing anything and falling prey to almost anything is a wise choice. Keep questioning, but also communicate with your seniors or loved ones, about your emotions, your anxieties everything. The more you communicate, the more you would be sane.

Ms. Rittuporna Chatterjee
Assistant Professor