Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan


B.A.LL.B (Hons.)(AMU) , LL.M(Hons.) (AMU), NET-JRF (2012), UGC-NET, Ph.D (JMI)


Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan is a professor of Constitutional Law and Family Law at LLOYD LAW College. He has had a distinguished career as a student and then as an educator. During his student days themselves he was into the leadership roles and has discharged with distinction the literary and cultural duties as the Student secretary at the University. Later he also served as the editor of the literary magazine during his BALLB days. As an educator he has an experience of over 9 + years of teaching and research experience.

His Core area of interest is Constitutional Law and Family Law, of particular interest to him is the development of the Administrative Law principles in India.

His Research Thesis is on the Topic “ Contribution of Judicial Acxtivism to the Development of Environmental Jurisprudence in India”, which is likely to be completed in the first quarter of 2021

He joined Lloyd Law College as a full time faculty in 2018 and has been teaching the courses of Muslim Law, Hindu Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law to the students of LL.B and B.A.LL.B respectively. Besides this he has authored the case law material on Constitutional Law-I, Constitutional Law-II and Muslim Law, presently he is working on the preparation of Case Law material on Administrative Law while the Case Law material on Environmental Law is in the pipeline.


Mr. Khan strives to make education an engaging experience where the students have an important role in contributing to the teaching with their inputs and inquisition. He is of the firm belief that the time tested virtues of reading, hardwork and critical analysis is the key to any development in the academic sphere which must be encouraged for the effective pedagogy in any academic institution. He believes that teaching is the process of not only building an individual but a nation and the world which makes the prospects challenging yet hugely rewarding. He believes in leading through example and maintains that one of the essential qualities for an academician is discipline without which even the best of the person cannot leave a lasting impact.


Mr. Khan started his professional journey by joining the Allahabad High Court as a Law Trainee in 2007 and worked with Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Rafat Alam during this period and helped them in the research and preparation of the matters.

In 2011 after completing his LLM(Hons.) in Constitutional Law. Mr. Khan joined as as an Assistant Professor at the Bhagwati Law College, CCS University Meerut and later in the same year he joined the Dewan Institute of Management Studies , Meerut as an Assistant Professor of Law and taught there for a year.

In 2012 after being awarded the UGC- Junior Research fellowship he joined as an Assistant Professor of Law at the Aligarh Muslim University(AMU), Malappuram Centre Kerala where he earned his reputation as a dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile for the inculcation of the value based knowledge in the students.

After spending three years at AMU, he joined Jamia Millia Islamia as a faculty and taught there for an academic session and then enrolled as a Research Scholar in the Faculty of Law.

He joined Lloyd Law College in 2017 initially as a visiting faculty and in 2018, he joined LLOYD Law College as a full time faculty. Apart from his regular teaching sessions he mentors the teams in Moot Court, guides them in Research and Publication apart from guiding them in choosing the appropriate career options based upon their interests and potential.

Roles & Responsibilities

With missionary zeal, discipline and a strong focus on output he focuses himself on the academic and mentorship role.

  • He is the academic co-ordinator of the particular law courses where he works closely with the other faculty members for the efficient and smooth conduct of the classes.
  • Mentors the moot court teams in their research and pleadings so that they may excel while participating in the Moot Courts
  • Provides guidance and helps the students in their academic progress.
  • Guides the student in the area of higher studies wherein they are mentored to narrow down the prospective Universities for the higher studies .
  • He is also involved in organizing cultural and sports event in order to give better experience to all students .

Books, Research & Publications

  • Book on Case Law on Constitutional Law published by Thomson Reuters South Asia Private Limited, Gurgaon, 2020 having ISBN: 978-93-89891-30-0.
  • Book titled Case Law on Constitutional Law 2 Published by Mohan Law House, New Delhi, 2018 having ISBN: 9789387264021.
  • Book titled Muslim Law Case Material Law published by Thomson Reuters South Asia Private Limited, Gurgaon, 2020 having ISBN: 978-93-89891-30-0
  • In Publication-Book on Law and Social Transformation: The Right to Education Act
  • Published an Article “ Right to A Healthy Environment: Can Delhi be saved from its Toxic Air” in The International Journal of Political Science, Jan-June,2020 edition , ISSN No:2454-9371
  • Published an Article titled “Environment, Law and The Judiciary: Reflections on the Activist Court” in the International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts(Having impact factor 7.97), December 2020 edition, ISSN: 2320-2882
  • Published an Article titled “AADHAR: A tool for Surveillance State” in the Journal Adhikar, July 2018 edition ,having impact factor 2.3, ISSN: 2231-2552
  • Published an Article titled “AADHAR: A tool for Surveillance State” in the Journal Adhikar, July 2018 edition ,having impact factor 2.3, ISSN: 2231-2552

International & National Seminars/Conferences

  • Presented a paper at the National Seminar in Kamkus College of Law Ghaziabad, entitled “Criminalization of Politics: A Phenomenon cutting across all Political Parties”.
  • Attended a one day workshop organized by the Department of Political Science on the Human Rights Day, at AMU , Aligarh
  • Attended a one day workshop organized by the NLSIU Bangalore on “Cyber Crime and challenges” at Trivandrum
  • Presented a Research Paper on the topic “Changing attitude of Girl students towards Sexual Harrasment” at the Unity college of Law , Dehradun
  • Presented a Paper on the theme “Same Sex Relations and the threat to family system” at the KAHM Unity College , Malappuram

Workshops, Faculty Development Programs & Training Programs

  • Successfully completed the two week UGC sponsored Refresher Course on Law and Social Transformation organized by CPDHE- Delhi University and got ‘A’ grade, in July 2019
  • Successfully completed one Week Course Faculty Development Program A-Z of Writing & Publication in Scopus-indexed Journals conducted by the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities (English), GMR Institute of Technology, in August 2020
  • Successfully completed one week Faculty Development Program on Law and Social Sciences organized by Lloyd Law College in January 2019
  • Participated in the Training Program on Cyber Crimes Organised by NLSIU(Bangalore) in April 2015