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Combination of MBA and Law degree

12 ,May 2019

With the coming of this pandemic now everything is at stake, now management is not only about being good with the in-depth knowledge of business; it is also about the strong legal base that you have. Now it is about knowing both management and law. So here comes the most discussed and trending field of law that is Master of Business Administration in business law. An MBA in business law is more to deal with commercial law that can help you with either your business, in firms. This course has duration of 2-years and mostly deals with management courses. The best part of this field is that it enables you to be well aware of the in-detail knowledge of both the public and private law. It is the favorite subject of both types of students, who are either interested in law or business because the law is essential to all the management students. The primary purpose of this is to protect the person, firm, corporate office, and help them to do the commercial involvement legally. It covers areas like contracts, constitutional law, torts, and dispute resolution.

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A Career in MBA in Business law
It is a course that provides you with an enormous number of opportunities after the successful completion of this course. With average annual salary ranging from 2 lakh to10 lakh, some of the Industries which hire the postgraduates include

a) Big banks,
b) Top educational institute,
c) Legal offices,
d) MNCs and the list go on. 
e) These include both national and international companies. 

Benefits of MBA in Business law
So, the first and obvious question would be why to choose MBA after law when you could easily earn and why to waste time ... the answer is you could have a career with high earnings that was not possible with you pursuing either of the degrees alone. And since we all are aware of how globalized economies are, and with the advent of this pandemic, being specialized matters a lot, and this course will help you with this.

1) MBA has always been considered as a way to enhance your personal development. When it is combined with the law, it helps improve your personal growth in a completely different manner.

2) Since you are specialized, you always will have the upper hand as compared to the rest of the students competing for the same position.

3) If you usually do a course in business studies, you are equipped to be a businessman, but if you chose this course you are bound to become an eminent person who is a decision-maker

4) You will always be ready with numerous career options.
5) Most successful entrepreneurs recommend taking this course.

Entry to MBA In Business law
Various Entrance exams provide you with the opportunity to get enrolled in this course. Here are some of the following exams


Various colleges are providing this course, with an average course fee of ? 3 lakh to 8 lakhs.

Eligibility for MBA in Business law
Candidates who want to pursue this course need to have completed graduation in any subject with a minimum percentage of 50%. Candidates who are in their final year and appeared in their final exams can also apply. 

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Syllabus description
It is a course spread across two years divided into four semesters, and its syllabus is as follows

I) Organizational behavior
II) Accounting for managers 
III) Business communication
IV) Marketing management 
V) Principles and practices of management 
VI) Economics and management decisions 
VII) Human resource management 
VIII) Quantitative methods
IX) Operations Management
X) Business Research Methods 
XI) Financial Management
XII) Operations Research

It is well comprised of both theoretical and practical training; all students are required to go through practical training.

Correctly stated in this developed and globalized world, it is necessary to be specialized if you want to be successful. Even if you're going to pursue law after completion of this degree, you will be in a better position to either open your law firm or deal with specialized areas of law concerning the business. In the management field, leaders of that sector consider this course to be away to be a successful entrepreneur.  

Ashutosh Vajpayee