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Importance of being yourself - Lloyd Law College

16 ,September 2019

Being yourself doesn’t mean you are selfish or you don’t care about anyone .Being yourself means you like who you are. Being yourself means living life how you wanted to live it, regardless of other peoples’ opinions. And it just means you respect yourself. Worrying about what others will think is just a waste of time, you can’t control them or control their thoughts. Everyone has their own life and they are free to live their life on their own terms and conditions.

I, myself was a kind of person who always thought about the happiness of others and always tried to meet the societies expectations. I struggled most of my life with trying to be who I wanted and I have always tried to please others or not do anything to be judged harshly. And most of the time I would end up giving in. I have many cousins of almost similar age of mine and since my childhood I was always being compared with them and used to listen that they are more good than me in comparison to everything, so I always tried to copy them so that I can also get compliments as they are getting. But this became a dream for me, I never was being appreciated for anything. I never used to share anything to anyone and always placed myself below everyone. Sometimes I used to dress myself like them and for this I took up wearing dresses in which I was not even comfortable. When I reached my teenage years, one more shortcoming was added to the list of my shortcomings and that was my short height. I am the shortest person in my house. There came one time when I used to cry and always asked God “why me?” In that phase of my life I was lonely. I got embarrassed at every family party. And I started distancing myself from family members. I made myself so busy in my studies and always refused to go for any family party and focused on my studies. And my hard work paid back to me in my 10th board result. I got 93% and I thought this is the time when I’ll be getting appreciation from everyone but as there was no happiness in my life ,except my parents no one was happy or appreciated me for my marks because they thought that my cousin will feel bad because she got lesser marks than me. That was the day when I realized that I only have to work hard for my parents and myself because no one here is concerned about me or my feelings. My life changed from that day, I stopped copying others and realised that I am unique and have my own talents. And this uniqueness was recognised at the Skill Development Center at Lloyd Law College,Top llb colleges in delhi NCR it has helped me improve my soft skills in the Personality Development Center and Placement readiness programmes as well as my hard skills in the Moot Society and Trail Advocacy Centre (L-TAC).

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