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02 ,January 2020

Law has been a sought after course in India. Every year, there are lakhs or aspirants who wish to make it their profession, prepare rigorously for the common admission test which determines their competency to make it to the National Law Universities. As making it to the NLU’s is a dream come true for all, some make the mark while others, have to resort to the next best that they receive. There are primarily two varieties of courses which are offered in Law, and which also gives a holistic understanding of the discipline, a 5 year integrated undergraduate course, BA.LLB course which is offered in many of the law colleges and Universities, secondly a 3 year LLB course, which can be undertaken after class XII, but is more intensive in nature.

Deciding which colleges and Universities to look at is quite a task. Here is a list of all the reputed Law Schools that should be considered for the upcoming academic year:

NLU, Bangalore

One of the bigger names of all Law Universities, National Law University, Bangalore was the first Law University established in India, under the Karnataka Act of 1982. The University was a result of the combined efforts of Bar Council of India, Judiciary and the Karnataka Bar Council, for a University which would be par excellence in Legal education and research, especially in India. The University offers BA.LLB, LLB and Ph.D in Law. The admission to NLU, Bangalore is through Common Admission Test (CLAT).

Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad

National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), established in 1998, was formed to be home for interactions between law and justice. Research pursuits related to the relevance of law and social justice and supporting a social change for many dimensions is something that the University has been striving for. There are many undergraduates as well as post-graduate programmes offered at the University. There are many interdisciplinary courses that are offered here as well. Common Entrance Test (CLAT) scores would determine a candidates admission to the University.

West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Under the WBNUJS Act, 1999, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences was established. Along with WBNUJS, GNLU and National Law University, Bangalore, the Chief Justice of India is the Vice-Chancellor of the University. This retains an aura of the exclusivity and the National Law Schools which they retain. NUJS is one of the best amongst the National Law Schools in the country where a 5 year integrated BA.LLB course is one of the sought after degree programmes. At the post-graduate level, the LLM programme is one which prepares you for a career in research and academics and other fields too. CLAT scores are the main determinant for admission to any of the above-mentioned courses. NUJS also offers quality academic research-intensive courses like MPhil and PhD and diploma courses, apart from the other programs.

National Law University, Bhopal

Established by the Rashtriya Vidhi Sansthan Vishwavidyala Adhiniyam, National Law University, Bhopal was established under Act No. 41 of 1997 undertaken by the Madhya Pradesh State Legislature. One of the best centres of legal education, NLU, Bhopal fosters training in legal education par excellence. Its vision is to develop the best minds and nurture the intellect for the good of society. Changing times need changes in legal spheres. NLU, Bhopal has been designing courses on the basis of the capacity and ability of the students keeping in mind the changing times. CLAT scores again are the main scores which get any Law Aspirant a seat into the NLU. One of the best to look out for, for an integrated 5 year BA.LLB Course.

National Law University, Jodhpur

National Law University, Jodhpur has been ranked one of the top Law Schools in the country ever since its establishment in 1999. Since inception, the University has striving to produce exceptional persons in the legal framework as well as in academics, who have strived for excellence. NLU Jodhpur aims to push its scholars and challenge themselves to extend their boundaries of knowledge. University believes in adopting a holistic approach towards legal studies, hence the courses offered here, like the five-year integrated undergraduate program B.A LLB (hons), B.B.A LLB (hons) are aimed to produce skilled professionals in their field. The honours courses are meant to be intensive and include various facets.

Symbiosis Society’s Law College, Pune

Symbiosis Law School was established in 1977, with an affiliation to the University of Pune. Since its inception, the Law School has been providing legal luminaries for the country and contributing to the teaching, research and training. It was later that the Law School was given autonomy under the Symbiosis University Act, which recognized the Law School, autonomous. The pioneering course that is the most sought-after is the five years integrated course, which is intensive and rigorous, as well as multi-disciplinary.

Government Law College, Mumbai

Government Law College or GLC as it is popularly called was established in 1855, much before the University of Bombay was established. Boasts of being the oldest Law College in Asia, GLC has come a long way to include a rich heritage of legal luminaries who have greatly contributed to the Law College. The college enjoys a pre-eminent reputation in the field of law, for its excellence, proved with time.

Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar

A name in itself, GNLU was established under the GNLU Act 2003, has a very inter-disciplinary approach in the field of legal education. For them, the learning and knowledge of Law should be sustainable as well as good for national development. Research scholars and students should feel a sense of responsibility towards the society they serve. The University also promotes an inter-disciplinary approach towards all its courses. The most sought after is the Five Year BA LLB course, which can be determined through the CLAT scores.

National Law University, Delhi

A name in itself, National Law University does not need any mention. The University’s primary objective is to impart quality education and evolve research with the help of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary module that is relevant to the societal changes. The University conducts All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) exams every year to select aspirants for BA LLB and LLM courses for the University.

Amity Law School, Noida

Another big name in Law Schools around Delhi and NCR, Amity Law School has established a name for the quality education imparted to the students. Situated in Sector 125, Noida, the Law School has a variety of courses which are offered ranging from BA LLB to B.Com LLB as well as BBA LLB (Hons) programmes, which are approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow

Established by an Act of Government of Uttar Pradesh in 2005, to meet up the new challenges in the field of Law and to strengthen the research in the field and disseminate knowledge of the same and their overall contribution to the National development. Over time, the University has made a name for itself and has been ranked as one of the top Law Universities, after NLU’s which any aspiring candidate should be on a look-out for. The BA LLB course is much sought after here, as the University believes in a holistic approach to the field.

School of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

The School of Law in GGSIU was established in 2001, it offers a Five-year Integrated Professional Course as well as advanced courses like LLM, Ph.D and Post Doctoral research in Law. The admissions are made on the basis of Common Entrance Test (CLAT).

Ms. Rittuporna Chatterjee
Assistant Professor