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What is Business Law Course- All about It?

30 ,June 2022

Business Laws

It is that branch of law which consists of laws relating to trade, industry & commerce. Business laws also encompasses the law governing to contracts, sales, agency and employment law, business organizations, property and bailments. It is also known as Commercial or Mercantile law.

Why Business Law?

  • To make better decisions
  • Establish standards
  • Basic ethics
  • Prevents from Fraud
  • Application in day-to-day life
  • To avoid confusion & to promote formality in the process
  • Insurance, Wills and State Planning
  • Consumer and Credit Protection
  • Starting, selling and buying small businesses
  • Managing a business and dealing with employees

Goal of Business Laws

The laws aims to protect fair business practices and geo-processed rights for aggrieved workers & others. For instance businesses interact in many & varied ways. To name a few types of business interactions, there are contracts, mergers and acquisitions, leasing etc. How these transactions are carried out is overseen by business laws. Additionally how businesses are formed is a large part of business laws.

Minimum Criteria (UG and PG) to enroll in Business Law

Undergraduate Level

After completing your intermediate studies (12th Standard), you need to enroll in  college degrees like BA LLB which requires at least 45% in all subjects and entrance test is required in most of the colleges.

Age Limitation period: 18 years is the minimum age, and 30 is the maximum age limit.

A few colleges require a specific cut-off criteria to confirm the admissions. Applicants are qualified only if they obtained the minimum cut-off that is required according to the colleges.  Based on the performance of the applicant in the examination, colleges & universities shortlist applicants for the same.

Post Graduate Level

The applicant should have a bachelor's degree from a reputed Law college that is being recognized by the Bar Council of India. PGD in Business law can be perused only exclusively by LL.B. graduates.

Applicants in post graduate are admitted through counselling system and their performance in the entrance examination. The process of admission is governed by the college rules and regulations.

Core Subjects in Business Laws

B.B.A.LL.B, Bachelor of Business Administration LLB is a five-year course that can be perused after completing your intermediate studies. It is a mix of financial matters, commerce, business and mindfulness about the governing body of the country. Barely any subjects in B.B.A.L.L.B business regulation are:

  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Principles of Management
  • Law of Crime
  • Public International Law
  • Property Law
  • Law of Tort
  • Cyber Law
  • International Finance
  • Organizational Behavior

Selection Test for Business Law


The Common Law Admission Test is directed to concede admission to the post-graduate courses consistently. National Law Universities offers LLM in Business laws. You have to sit for CLAT LLM entrance exam which is a 2-hour assessment test containing various decision questions. It is an online examination containing various multiple-choice questions. Selected applicants are conceded admissions in NLUs based on cut-off decided by the colleges.


The University Law Entrance Test is coordinated by the University of Rajasthan that has been held once in a year. The examination is for 1 hour and 30 minutes to test the skills of the candidate. It is a 3-year LLB courses, that is being presented by colleges & universities who qualifies the entrance examination based on merit.


Andhra Pradesh Common Law Entrance Test is for wannabes who search for three and five-extended coordinated LLB courses. AP LAWCET is a state-level web-based selection test for an hour and thirty minutes. The test has been conducted under two medium that is English and Telugu.


Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for Law is a public level test led by Directorate of Higher Education, Maharashtra. Admissions to regulation courses are proposed to regulation schools of this state after applicants qualify the entrance examination.

Expertise Required in Business Law Courses

You really want to gain proficiency with the necessary qualities and center capabilities to work with driving law offices. Aspirants who hold qualities, for example, initiative abilities, coordination, market information and more are looking for selection representatives. To get a profession, the following are 4 fundamental abilities you ought to have:

Business Awareness

Industry specialists likewise believe business information to be perhaps of the most fundamental component that a regulation wannabe can have, known as business sharpness. What proposes an enthusiasm for latest things and improvements in the corporate world is the latest legal developments that might influence a law office.

Using Time Productively

One of the most important qualities of any profession is mastering time usage abilities that makes you a satisfactory employee. It won't just assist you with fulfilling the client's requesting needs, but also makes you a multi-tasker with the capacity to shuffle and handle work diligently.


One of the most important skill is the communication. Since they will speak with a wide range of individuals, contact is truly significant. For them to separate every one of the applicable information they need for their examination, they should have the option to make an interpretation to different people.

Research and Legal Analysis

You should glean tons of useful knowledge on latest legal occasions, be knowledgeable in realities and measurements, play out a profound legal expert, whether you need to work for a law office or practice as a counselor.

Career Options after Business Law Courses

The interest for incredibly capable business lawyers is tremendous. Professional industry involves high dangers and is bound to bring about setbacks. To rescue them, organizations utilize a legal advisor in business laws for legitimate guidance and backing, drafting contracts, and so on, so they don't have the foggiest idea when they actually apply it in the real world. The career options that are available after business laws are mentioned below:

  • Business Law Expert: Gives proficient advice, helps with emergency control, drafts legitimate papers, and gives legal advice in future correspondences.
  • Regulation Reporter: A columnist with mastery in business regulations grasps the legitimate matter and transfers it to the public for better and effective communication.
  • Principal legal officer: For every legitimate matter, the Centre/State government hire Attorneys for the legal advice
  • Judicial Officer: Manages legal matters that are significantly small relating to civil laws. Decreases the adjudicators' tension.
  • Law-Professors: Creates and presents master methodologies for further developing the future of the students. They are directed and enlivened by the law professors, which can shape the future of the country.

Renowned Recruiters in Business Law Sector

Business regulation alumni are employed by numerous legitimate firms, associations and instructive organizations. Some recruit them for legitimate counsel purposes and others for teaching regulation as youthful personalities. Among the countless scouts for business regulation, renowned specialists are referenced below:

  • Vahura
  • Advaita Legal
  • Clasis Law
  • J Sagar Associates
  • Chadha & Co.
  • Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
  • Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.
  • Bharucha & Partners
  • Khaitan & Co.

Latest Trends in Business Laws

Online Freelancing - As the world has become reliant upon cell phones, attorneys have been progressively delivering solutions working on the web itself.  Lawful outsourcing is a possible vocation now.

Paperless - Documents which were recorded and papers were conveyed to courts by legal counselors have now dwindled. Workstations and iPads have supplanted papers these days. In future, even the hints of paper in law offices would be supplanted with iPads and workstations as data is significantly more open through them.

Web-based Entertainment - Social media has taken advertising to a higher level. Organizations have proactively been helped by online entertainment. It assists the development of business with simple tasks.

Security - Cyber assaults are too normal nowadays, and programmers will keep on upgrading themselves with strategies. Online privacy has another danger, and legal counselors specialized in business laws can guard it safely.


In order to learn how to form and run a business, knowledge of business laws are very crucial. Businesses are involved in many different types of contract. Whether it is corporations, businesses or limited liability companies everyone needs a legal expert to handle foreseen situations in the real world. As a result there are many interesting cases involving breach of contract.

The students who are keen on aspects of business laws, drafting contracts, finance, bank certifications and speculations can opt for this course. The positions offered are from private as well as open areas. The people who are generally prepared to learn are required for business regulation since the legitimate atmosphere is always showing signs of change. Post-Graduation in business regulation can lend the students in law offices, government organizations, banks and much more.

Organizations are connected with everything. The extent of business regulation is characterized exclusively by you. It's a renowned course and gives a decent package for a fresher in business regulations.