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Most Demanding Law Specialization in India 2020

04 ,May 2020

The law courses offered in different specializations include corporate law, criminal law, human rights law, tax law, some of the most common law specializations that students can choose from their college of law. Law is a career that requires a lot of patience. Law is one of our most successful professions.

A career in law provides a wide variety of work prospects that include litigation attorneys, law firms, legal assistants, and many other legal executives. If we wish to make a successful career in law, we must begin from an undergraduate degree like B.A. LL.B, BBA LL.B, B.COM LLB, BSC LL.B, and then the postgraduate degree for example LLB, LLM. If we wish to pursue the pg course, we should do them from the top law colleges in India. Many of the law courses offered in India involve only those aspirants to choose the law specializations they wish to pursue careers. Make sure you only pick those law specializations which suit you.

Here are some different law specializations which are gaining popularity in India today:

Civil Law- The most respected since specializing in law deals with the handling of injury cases, individual's private property, writing deeds, and wills. If we want to research and make a good career, the tax creates income, whether for individuals or organizations. In civil law, these aspirants must be told about rights, offenses, remedies for family law, criminal law, and property law. Civil lawyer's skill quality requires an eye for information, networking and communication skills, analytical skills, as well as trying to retain a professional approach to changes in the area of law.

Tax Law - Specializing in this legislation focuses on income tax, property tax, land tax license. Within tax matters, we will learn about policies, government rules, rules, and solutions to help tax defaulters. Due to difficulty in the calculation of taxes and so many other features related to it, like issuing inheritance, sales, many more, the demand for tax lawyers in India is increasing day by day.

Criminal Law - This law field deals with the offense which is happening against society or state. It is one of the oldest branches of law and therefore, an incredibly thrilling one. It mostly involves terrorism, hate crimes, personal offense, international criminal law. In this specialization, we have to be involved in interviewing clients and conducting trials. Candidates can pursue undergraduate courses as well as the postgraduate courses in the field of Criminal law. Candidates wishing to practice criminal law must be brave, optimistic, and highly fluent.

Corporate Law - This area of law deals with advising businesses about their legal rights, responsibilities, and privileges. Lawyers can work in a large or mid-sized firm. Apart from degree programs, candidates can also pursue diploma programs in the field of Lawyers who practice corporate law must also research and help businesses make crucial decisions about whether or not to go in for a suit.

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Patent Law - This specialization mostly focuses on patents for investors from the patents office. From technological solutions to innovative products, the procedure for securing patents is so much challenging as well as diverse in nature. Many law schools now offer add-on courses in the subject. Most of the patent firms pay an average amount starting from 35-40,000.

International Law - Students who wish to pursue a career in international law would need to specialize in the conventions, practices, rituals that nations have encountered in their relationship with each other. This kind of law specialization deals with the trade laws, immigrant laws, labor and employment laws, etc.
But this only does mean arguing in front of a judge for civil or criminal cases.

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You can also pursue other courses:

Teaching - To become a law professor, you need to apply for an undergraduate degree program. If we wish to be in the teaching profession, only the basic need to have a proper education.

Legal Journalism - In this, you can work with different agencies to bring out the hidden truth in various social causes that concern people. It is one of the most untouched areas in which future scope is too much bright than other fields of journalism.

Conclusion - Law is a vast field, and if you are interested, there are various career paths that you may pursue, be it a profession as a lawyer or an entirely different position in the vast legal discipline. Students may now apply for some of the fields of law, such as patent law, corporate law. A law degree not only allows you to serve as an attorney in the courts but also opens up career opportunities in growing sectors.

Vanshika Srivastava