student and academic staff member talking in the Liberty Building

Lloyd Law College is committed to the safety and well being of the students. In preparation of the return and best interest, the Institute has already implemented a lot of measures for the well being of the student and academic community and has established an in- campus hostel separately for boys and girls. The hostel provides a safer place and offers well furnished rooms with all the amenities.

Our hostel is a home away from home, abundantly providing the homely ambience that its inmates long for. Besides offering a safe and serene atmosphere for studies, students will have ample access to indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostels are guarded round the clock by security staff and CCTV camera.

There are also separate wardens for boys and girls hostels in order to maintain discipline and decorum on the campus. Each hostel provides a mess facility for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner under a safe and hygienic environment. Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance and maintained to the hilt. Apart from this, it shall include first-aid treatment & emergency medical assistance immediately with a free medical insurance coverage upto 1Lakhs

During the unprecedented times, the hostel facilities shall be charged only for the months of occupancy by the students to minimize the financial burden on the students and their families.

Exclusive Benefits:

Prevention of COVID 19 Risks:

  • The hostel accommodates the students of Lloyd College only. This will ensure that our students are not exposed to the proximity of students from other colleges
  • There is no centralized air conditioning system as the govt. health advisory is against such a system to avoid the risk of catching infection
  • In-campus hostel shall not require transportation. This again will ensure social distancing as bus, cab, etc. would not be required for coming to college or going back
  • As the hostel is administered and run by the college authorities, it shall ensure proper sanitization and cleanliness
  • The hostel is equipped with thermal scanner, sanitization tunnel and other preventive medical equipments to mitigate the chances of catching any kind of infection

Comforts and Facilities:

  • The hostel is separate for boys and girls
  • It has the facility of Window A.C., Non A.C. and cooler rooms, but no centralized A.C.
  • It shall be fully owned and administered by the College
  • It shall offer hygienic food with variety of options as this has been a major issue for all our students residing in different hostels or staying as PG
  • The metro station is at walking distance from the hostel
  • The hostel may be opted by the students residing in Delhi / NCR also if they so wish and in such case the college shall arrange pick and drop for them during weekends if they plan to go home
  • The hostellers will have access to the library for longer time everyday
  • The hostel shall be equipped with ample number of security guards and 24*7 CCTV surveillance and other security measures
  • The hostel has the option of 3/2/single seater facility
  • Visits to market during Sundays shall be arranged by the hostel authority.
  • It shall have a grievance redressal mechanism to ensure that a complaint, if any, is resolved swiftly

Note: It is mandatory for all inter-state students of all years to accommodate themselves in the hostel provided by the college. However, it does not apply to students residing in Delhi NCR..