Rules and Regulations: Students

Classroom Conduct and Behaviour

I. Punctuality

Lloyd Law College instills the value of discipline and punctuality in its students as a lifelong virtue for a successful professional and personal life. Punctuality is an essential discipline and the College strictly abides it. Considering its importance, the College expects the students to be punctual for every event both academic and non-academic/extra-curricular activities

1. The students should be punctual for all the lectures as per the timetable issued

2. The classes are scheduled from 09:00 AM to 02:30 PM

3. The students should be seated in the class before the commencement of lecture

4. Late entry to the class is not permitted and further, they will not be marked present for the class.

5. Late comers will be marked “L” in the attendance register and will not be considered as present.

II Discipline in the Class

A disciplined conduct of affairs is essential to achieve success in everyone’s life. Lloyd Law College trains its students to achieve their life-goals and become leaders in their field of choice. The classroom conduct and behaviour lays this foundation in the students

1. A student should be attentive in the class and actively participate in class.

2. A student should respect the personal boundaries of other students in the class and refrain from creating distractions in the class.

3. A student should respect the personal boundaries of other students in the class and refrain from creating distractions in the class.

4. Any form of indiscipline in class by the student would attract punitive action.

5. The following instances would be considered as indisciplinary behaviour :

•    Repeated late entry to the class;
•    Inattentive and distracting conduct during lecture and roll call;
•    Use of electronic gadgets including mobile phones during lectures, academic programs and non-academic events;
•    Unauthorized recording of lectures and taking photos during lectures, academic programs and non-academic events;
•    Displaying inappropriate body language, sitting indecently or casually during lectures, academic programs and non-academic events;
•    Making noise, shrieking, imitating animal/bird voice, use of inappropriate or foul language for fellow students, faculty or organizational staff.
•    Unauthorized associations or group formations inside or outside the class;

•    Any offensive behavior or a behavior that offends the teacher personally or academically on the basis of religion, race, class, sex, region etc.

6. Any form of indisciplinary behaviour inter alia by any student would be strictly dealt by the College authorities.

7. Indisciplinary behaviour in the classroom will result in marking ‘I’ in the attendance register for the class against the name of the student.

8. In case a student is found guilty of indiscipline on three occasions, they would be suspended from attending classes until their parents/guardian submits an undertaking to re-induct the student in the class on a stamp paper of Rs 50/- (Fifty Rupees).

9. On the fourth occurrence of indiscipline, a final warning would be issued to the concerned student.

10. At the fifth instance of indiscipline, the student would be debarred from attending the college and their name would be struck off from college records.

11. The student shall not be granted attendance for the suspension period.

III Attendance

1) Mandatory Attendance Regulations

In the matters of attendance, the College strictly follows the statutory and regulatory guidelines issued by concerned statutory bodies and authorities. The following regulations require special mention:

1) UGC (Minimum Standards of Instruction for the Grant of the First Degree through Formal Education) Regulations, 2003. Rule 5.8 page 04;

2) Rules of Legal Education by the Bar Council of India, Part – IV, Rule 12 page 08;

3) Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (CCS, University) vide letter: Committee Cell/ (Prof. Course)/ 3482, Dated: 29.11.2017;

4) The Supreme Court of India, Judgment dated: 16 Oct. 2014, Para 24 page 29, Para 29 (f) page 34.

2) Attendance Rules

Lloyd Law College strictly adheres to the rule of minimum attendance requirement of 75% to appear for the end semester exams, failing which the College will not approve the examination form of the student and will refrain from forwarding the same to the University.

1) The regular classes for LL.B and BA. LL.B shall be conducted as per the schedule on their respective working days.

2) It is mandatory for the students to attend all scheduled classes as well as academic programs organized by the College.

3) Any change in the class schedule shall be communicated to the students in advance. The information regarding the same shall be put on the notice board. It is requested that the students keep themselves abreast of any changes in timetable or other announcements

4) It is the responsibility of students to be updated about the information regarding class schedule or academic programs held in the college.

5) Attendance, once recorded in the attendance register, and entered into the college ERP system cannot be amended/ altered afterwards. .

6) A minimum of 75% of attendance is required to appear for the end semester exams, failing which the College will not approve the examination form of the student and will refrain from forwarding the same to the University

•    Under no circumstances, the criteria of 75% attendance shall be waived off, unless exempted under regulations of UGC, Bar Council of India, CCS University notification and guidelines of the apex court.

7) To be considered for internship, placement, and institutional activity reimbursements, a student should have minimum of 90% of attendance. Preference shall be given to students with high attendance percentage

8) A student should fulfill a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible for availing additional academic and non-academic endeavors, which the College promotes.

9) Medical reasons will not be considered for exemption from the minimum attendance requirement of 75%. The medical records/certificates shall not be accepted to compensate lack of attendance/condone the failure to meet the minimum attendance requirement.

10) A student should mandatorily be present and attend guest lectures, workshops, seminars, etc., organized by the college.

11) Students participating in prior approved activities like moot-court competitions, seminars, conferences, debates, academic visits etc. shall be entitled to the attendance for the duration of program and travel days only after the approval of Deputy Director, Lloyd Law College, on recommendation of the faculty in charge

12) The students involved in preparation of moots, seminars, conferences, debates, academic visits etc. can avail attendance for the period of preparation. Such exemption shall be allowed only when the student has taken prior written permission from Deputy Director, Lloyd Law College and the faculty in charge. The same shall be considered towards the attendance record of the student after the competition, only with a written approval of the Deputy Director, Lloyd Law College on recommendation of the faculty in charge.

13) For availing the afore-mentioned attendance exemptions, a student should mandatorily have at least a minimum of 66% attendance. Under no circumstances, the students with attendance less than 66% shall be permitted to avail the exemptions.

14) Attendance of each student shall be made available on the college attendance portal. Furthermore, at the end of the month the attendance shall be displayed on class notice board. Students are requested to share their user id and password with their parents/guardians.

3) Attendance Grievance Committee

Any complaint related to attendance shall be addressed to the members of the committee via mail. The list of committee members is as follows:

1. Dr. Kavitha Chalakkal (Head)

2. Mr. Shekhawat Hussain

3. Mrs. Manju Khilary

4. Mr. Rupesh Singh

5. Mr. Pankaj Singh

4) Committee Procedure

1. The aggrieved student should submit their grievance in writing to the course in charge through e-mail.

2. Any grievance related to attendance shall be submitted within 48 hours of the recording or display of attendance on the college attendance portal.

3. A meeting of the Attendance Grievance Committee will be held under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Director, where are such grievances will be conducted.

4. The decision of the Committee shall be conveyed to the student within three working days.

5) Appellate Committee

In case any student is aggrieved by the decision of the Committee, they may appeal to the appellate committee through e-mail. The student must attach the order of the committee while sending the mail. The appellate committee consists of the following members:

1. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Khan

2. Mr. Anil Thakur