Workshop on international migration and refugee law
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International Migration and Refugee Law Centre @ Lloyd Law College

"We have to take care of our citizens. We have to take care of everybody who is in our country, whether or not they are our citizens." – Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General.

Refugee, migrants and stateless people make 25.4 million people globally today. Amongst them there are approximately 3.1 million Asylum-seekers globally who are forcibly displaced people worldwide. Most affected group in the displaced population are women, children and the elderly. Internationally United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee is a United Nations Agency which protects the refugees, forcibly displaced and stateless people. They work in order to provide them with basic human rights and dignity to live life while protecting them globally.

In last several decades, the world has seen an influx of refugees after the 1948 Palestine War that left 4,950,000 refugees (estimated) approximately, Syrian refugee crisis that left estimated 6,320,000 refugees and the recent Rohingya Refugee crisis that left 1,100,000 (estimated) Refugees. These refugees do not have a home and need protection at all levels. They are also different from an economic migrant who has migrated to another country for economic opportunities or a person who is stateless.

In order to do its bit, Lloyd Law College will launch International Migration and Refugee Law Centre on 19th January, 2019 with an objective to educate and aware law students about the fundamentals of refugee and migration law and to bring the international student community of Delhi NCR together on one platform with a common aim of promoting collective well-being. This Centre will benefit the migrants and refugees located in Delhi NCR by means of story-telling, research and development, connecting them with relevant government authorities.

This Centre will directly work under the guidance of United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network through its Local Pathways Fellowship Program, 2018 in order to promote education and awareness of Sustainable Development Goals, Problems and challenges of Refugees and other social, economical and environmental problems.

Objectives & purposes:

  • To understand the impact of migration on international students.
  • To understand the impact and number of refugees in Delhi NCR.
  • Understanding the laws governing these migrants and refugees in Greater Noida.
  • To come up with some empirical research on the situation and living conditions of international migrants and refugees in Delhi NCR.
  • To connect international migrants and refugees together, bring them on a single platform or to create a network of these students in order to provide them legal aid when required.
  • In long run establish funds in order to help or assist these migrants and refugees.
  • Get the relevant research published for future policy suggestions.
  • Organise a seminar/conference for these international students in collaboration with IOM/ UNHCR or any other relevant organisation.

Participation: Participation in the Workshop is open to all the students of Lloyd. But the same is registration based due to limited seating capacity.

Maximum intake: Maximum 150 students in total both from BA.LL.B. and LL.B. (all semesters).

Registration Link:

Dress Code: College Dress Code With Blazers shall be mandatory on each student who is participating in the workshop.

FACULTY ACTIVIST : Prof. Chhaya Bharadwaj, Lloyd Law College


  • Mr. Ashish Sharma - BA.LL.B. - Sem. X
  • Ms. Heeba Ansari - BA.LL.B. - Sem. VI
  • Ms. Deepali Aswal - BA.LL.B. - Sem. VI
  • Ms. Karishma Ramchiary - BA.LL.B. - Sem. VI